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Advanced Closing Strategies

Advanced Closing Strategies

Most salespeople fail in the close because the simply do not have the words to say to handle buyer objections. The lack of understanding in this area will inevitably cause an untrained salesperson lose a customer, and at best use a discount as a way to entice a buyer decision. Only 10-20% of the time you are in a transaction is spent in the close, yet it is where 100% of your income as a salesperson comes from. Bottom line, if you want to learn how to increase your income as a salesperson, you must learn to master the close.


The Closing Strategies course gives exact word tracks on how to handle sales objections. Sales training word tracks are given for objections such as “I need to think about it”, “The price is too high”, “I need to talk to my spouse/manager/ supervisor/owner/Director”. Nothing will cause a sales person to lose their confidence faster than not being able to handle the same problems over and over again and the Closing Strategies course will equip your team with a confidence boosting rebuttals guaranteed to increase production!


What you will get:

  • Over 120 Rebuttals
  • Situational Breakdown of negotiations
  • 17 Stall KILLERS
  • Advanced Closes
    $1,785.00 Regular Price
    $595.00Sale Price
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