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Google Adwords (Premium)

Google Adwords (Premium)

The Platinum tier is for monthly ad spends ranging from $8,000+. This plan is ideal for large businesses looking to generate leads and/or sales, utilizing Google and/or YouTube Ads.


Google Ads Limits


2 Campaigns
4 Ad Groups
8 Ads
4 Ad Copy Variations
$2,000 - $4,000 Budget Recommendations


Available Campaign Types


Google Maps
App (Android and iOS)



Google Ad Setup:


Gain Business Manager Access
Google Tag Manager Setup
Conversion Tracking Setup
Google Tag Manager Event Testing
Campaign Strategy
Demographics Research
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Campaign Setup
Ad Group Setup
Ads Setup
Ad Scheduling
Custom Audience Upload
Campaign Quality Assurance
Campaign Approval
Campaign Launch
Post Launch Checkpoints
Ad Extensions Setup


Google Ad Monthly:


Campaign Optimization
Strategy Enhancement
Eliminate Irrelevant Traffic
Ad Optimization
Ad Split Testing
Audience A/B Testing & Optimization
Keyword Expansion & Cleanup
Quality Score Management
Negative Keyword Optimization
Lookalike Audience Creation
Weekly Optimization Report
Monthly Progress Report
Ad Extensions Optimization


$600.00/month + $150.00/setup


  • What profiles do we post on?

    Currently, Ferdinand Training Advisors posts to six different social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Ferdinand Training Advisors does not post to any other social media platforms besides the ones mentioned above. There's no limit on word count with the exception of Twitter. Twitter has a 280-character limit. We try to keep the captions short unless the clients have specific messages they need to send out.

  • When does the work begin on social media post?

    Work on social media posts can begin right away as long as the Ferdinand Training Advisors social media team has all the necessary information. We will first confirm that the onboarding document is filled out. Afterwards, we make sure that we have access to all the social media channels. If for some reason we are missing access to anything, we will reach out to you. If there are any delays in the work from the time the services are purchased, you will be owed those posts and we will be able to supplement them for you as soon as the work proceeds.

Price Options
Google Adwords
$600.00every month until canceled
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