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Script Building: How to Build An Unstoppable Sales Script

Script Building: How to Build An Unstoppable Sales Script

How to Craft Your Own Million Dollar Sales Scripts

Now don’t think for a minute that because my heart is in sales that I’m being sensational here. In terms of today’s dollar, no one on my sales team ever earned less than a million dollars a year.


The best of my people were taking home $4 million to $5 million – for reciting words on a piece of paper!


You can do the same! I’m offering to teach you the right words to say, when to say them, in what order to say them and the precise emotion that will underpin each word that comes out of your mouth.

Catch my drift here? There is an exact science behind the success of the sales scripts I write. Every syllable, every comma, every intonation gets carefully evaluated and adjusted. I leave nothing to chance.


The end result is a perfectly balanced, rhythmic, almost hypnotic sales script that keeps you in control while still encouraging productive dialogue –turning skeptics into believers, prospects into lifelong customers.


So a million dollar sales script means exactly that. No fluff. No smoke and mirrors. Just amazing results! And because creating great scripts is more science than art, it’s both teachable and duplicatable.



Poorly written scripts can leave you vulnerable to failure.

  • If a prospect ever shut you down before you had a chance to ask a single qualifying question, you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If the words didn’t flow with silky smoothness you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If a prospect wasn’t excited after the first 8 seconds and wasn’t begging to hear every detail of your offer, you were definitely working off a bad script.
  • And if a prospect ever told you your script sounded almost exactly like the script used by your three leading competitors, well, you get my point.
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