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The Concepts Of Closing

The Concepts Of Closing

Closing a transaction is the most important step of the sales transaction. Without the close, there is no transfer or exchange of goods, services, or money. Most salespeople struggle with this step of the transaction for a number of reasons. More often than not, people struggle in the close because they do not fully understand what the close is. The more you understand the close, the more success you will have.


Salespeople enrolled in this course will develop a deeper understanding of what is truly happening in the close of the deal. Questions like “How to close more deals?”, “How can I be more confident in the close?”, and “How can I increase my closing ratios?” will all be answered. A misunderstanding of the close will prevent salespeople from persisting in the close, even to the point where asking some difficult questions is required will all be covered. Becoming a Master Closer first requires the mastering of the concepts of what the close really is, why people fail in the close, and some of the most advanced tips required for anyone looking to become lethal in this step of the deal.


What you will get:

  • 3 Things that will make or break you in the close
  • Mistakes Salespeople Make in the Close
  • Advanced Closing Strategies
  • Learn how to shorten the sales cycle by 50%
  • Never use price to negotiate again
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