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How To Do Business With The Government

How To Do Business With The Government

Each and every day, the government buys billions of dollars' worth of goods and services from businesses. In this How To Do Business With The Government program we give you an introduction to government contracting and show you the exact tactics, techniques and procedures to find opportunities in their area of expertise. This program covers everything from A-to-Z when it comes to government contracting. Learn how your business can pursue contracts at the City, State, and Federal government levels.


What you will learn:

  • What is Government procurement and why is it important to your business? 
  • Understanding contract sizes
  • Determining the right small business program for your business
  • Registering your business with different government entities
  • Identifying government contracting opportunities
  • Understanding the government contracting procurement cycle
  • Developing your capability statement
  • Understanding the difference between RFPs and Bids
  • Marketing your business to the government
  • Understanding the difference between Prime and Subcontractors
    $1,295.00 Regular Price
    $595.00Sale Price
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