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What We Do

We improve revenues of individuals, companies and accredited investors by changing their strategies through coaching, training, mentoring and investment management. 

Investment Management

DHF Capital Securities, LLC. is an investment management firm. We manage capital for institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. We reinforce the firm’s core, value-oriented, investment philosophy designed to capitalize on short-term mispricing of individual company securities, coupled with a macro overlay. We perform backtest, build and develop discretionary/automated trading strategies using proprietary technology. We invest globally across asset classes, seeking to achieve superior absolute returns through a process that emphasizes capital preservation. We actively educate clients on evolving investing strategies and asset classifications to encourage a deep understanding of and participation in investment choices. DHF Capital Securities utilizes multiple tools to analyze both U.S. and non-U.S. securities such as Currency Forwards, Loans, Bonds, Interest Rate Swaps, Credit Default Swaps, Synthetic notes, Futures, and ETFs. 


Sales Training & Business Development

Ferdinand Training Advisors is a virtual sales training and business consulting company. During Dale's career in the sales industry, he has realized and stated that every man, woman, and child on the face of this planet is a salesman. From the CEO who's trying to sell prospective investors on his business idea and vision. To the four-year-old kid who's trying to sell their parent on why they deserve some candy. We have all been involved in the sales process in one form or another. In the world of business, sales are the absolute most important part of any business. Expanding on that, in the sales process, the close, or closing the deal is all that matters in the sales process. The close is when an agreement is made, there is an exchange that occurs. You give something in exchange for something. The ability to close is key to a companies survival. There are only two ways that companies make money, from investors or customers and both of them require you to know how to close. Dale has broken down the art of closing and he can train you in the science of closing. At Ferdinand Training Advisors it’s our mission to unleash companies’ sales potential. Companies spend billions of dollars on sales training each year, yet nearly 90% of sales training programs fail to have any long-term impact. This doesn’t have to happen to you.  


Speaking Engagement & Events

Great organizations know that continued expansion determines the future of their company and that the only way to continue to prosper at the sales level is to continue to motivate your organization. Dale has the ability to connect with people and move an organization to higher levels. He's relevant, informative, entertaining, and will electrify any event or meeting.


Are you ready to increase your revenue?


 Areas Of Expertise 

  • Sales/Closing

  • Financial Markets

  • Prospecting 

  • Business Development

  • Technical Analysis  

  • ​Following Up

  • Handling Objections

  • Cold Calling

  • Internet Leads

  • Management

  • Negotiating

  • Financial Services

 Current of Prospective Clients

I'm always pleased to hear from high-caliber individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations. 

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