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Laziness is a disease that will destroy your dreams and success

Laziness is an entitlement concept accepted by the middle class that is crushing America's greatness and spreading like a contagion! Laziness is the new adopted "right" of people, supposedly earned because a person worked five days and therefore must take the weekend off. This concept of entitlement runs across workers, management and executives and spreads like a cancer infecting everyone!

The policy of laziness as some deserved state or earned right fails everyone using it. This is no different than America's DELUSIONAL beliefs that the government can and must provide social security, medicare and unemployment when everyone agrees it is impossible. The idea that one has worked 5 days and must take the weekend off is ridiculous and is a form of entitled laziness! The mass acceptance that 8 hours invested in your job requires that you leave as soon as the clock strikes 5pm is a mass agreement and misunderstanding of epic proportions. Thinking that all national holidays equal your right to a paid day off regardless of personal finances and/or the production or condition of your department, is more damaging to personal wealth and America's solvency than ALL the all the wrongs of Wall Street! Suggest to a worker that they work the weekend and witness the sense of entitlement with "I deserve my time off". This think is not limited to worker's rights, and unions it's the agreement amongst most of the whole country! "I deserve the biggest office because I am the executive" or "I deserve my 2 weeks off every year regardless of how the company is doing". These are examples born on the concept of LAZINESS as an operating basis! A person has to take responsibility for his or her own situation. You cannot do that by being lazy. You have to take action beyond what others are willing to do and break through this entitlement concept of laziness to succeed.

Most people fail to realize that success is never achieved overnight. It’s never instantaneous. It never comes without persistence and preparation, but it is attainable. Here are the 4 steps that continue to help me achieve every goal I set my mind on and if followed, can help you reach yours as well.

  1. Stay positive.

  2. Take only those actions that forward your goals.

  3. Stay focused on your goals and disregard the distractions.

  4. Stay with those actions regardless of the outcomes until you get what you want!

Always remember, there is no limit on success. You can have as little of it as you want or as much of it as you want. So with that being said, it takes the same amount of energy to be good as it does to be great, so why not be great.

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